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Change Is Good...You Go First

September 10,2015

Change is hard.

As humans we're wired to want stability. We cling to people and processes that are familiar. Any type of change creates stress. Think about exciting times like starting a new job, getting married, having a baby, buying a house. All positive changes but there's still a degree of stress even then because of the transition from the familiar to the unknown.

Behaviors are patterns of actions. Changes in patterns are often met with resistance which are fueled by fear and uncertainty. People resist change because it threatens their safety and security. Your company gets acquired (Will I keep my job?), you have to learn a new system (Will I be able to adapt?), the office location is moved (Will my commute be longer?). Change from an individual perspective begs the question, “What does it mean to me?"

People have very long memories when it comes to change. We've seen that in the healthcare IT world with providers that have been through a difficult and disruptive EMR/EHR implementation. Long in-service trainings, hiccup after hiccup and questions about whether the arduous implementation was worthwhile are etched in administrator and healthcare provider minds. The barometer to assess new technology has become the nightmare of their last. So when they hear anything related to “technology,” it's thanks but no thanks. And this hurts the progress of how healthcare is delivered.

Yep, change is hard.

You go first.