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How Harnessing Technology can Improve the Quality and Margins of Your Home Health Organization How H

July 30,2015

Home health is certainly an industry poised for tremendous growth. Over the next twenty years 10,000 baby boomers a day will turn 65. As demand for home health services grows, many organizations have begun to examine how technology can improve their quality of care and their bottom line. Organization's reliance on manual paper-based processes, inefficient communication modalities and inability to provide real-time data and guidance to the geographically dispersed mobile workforce all hamper efficiency.  With leaner operating budgets and narrower profit margins, streamlining communication between the home health care hub and the field organization becomes critical to improving the quality of patient care, ensuring adherence to protocols and increasing profitability.

Imagine if you could communicate an important directive immediately to all of your mobile care givers simultaneously. Imagine if your staff could stop wasting time playing phone tag and waiting for email responses that may never come from physicians' offices or pharmacies. Imagine no more misplaced or overlooked faxes. Now imagine being able to do all of this and having the peace of mind that you are remaining HIPAA compliant! 

IM Your Doc closes the communication gap and improves care while driving efficiency and reducing costs.

IM Your Doc is a secure, HIPAA compliant, real-time messaging platform that allows home health care organizations to internally and externally share PHI, images and documents such as encounter notes, on your mobile devices and desktops, through the speed and convenience of text. And importantly…it is very affordable and easy to install and use!


For additional information visit www.imyourdoc.com or contact Micah Panning, Director of Sales, at 406-529-5517 or micah@imyoudoc.com