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Smart Software for Patients, Providers, and Clinics
IM Your Doc is a HIPAA compliant, messaging application that closes the healthcare communication gap, changing the way patients, doctors, and staff share information.
Whether you’re a patient, a healthcare practitioner, an individual clinic or hospital, you’ve experienced the frustration of slow, inconvenient, or nonexistent communication in your care of patients or your workplace. Here, you’ll get the features that you actually need and want at the price you can afford. IM Your Doc, the secure messaging platform will transform your healthcare communication.
EMR/EHR Integration
IM Your Doc increases patients’ peace of mind, streamlines workflow for doctors, and gives hospitals and clinics an affordable, easy-to-implement tool that increases workplace productivity, and ups patient satisfaction. We do this in part, by integrating with your EMR/EHR systems so you can easily get those important conversations regarding your patients’ care into their chart so everyone is on board.