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Giving You a Golden Solution
Being The Best, And Doing It Quickly and Easily.
Whether you have a single provider clinic or you are part of a large network of multi-specialty clinics, IM Your Doc is the HIPAA compliant, messaging solution for you. IM Your Doc doesn’t require lengthy software upgrades or hardware investment. IM Your Doc is a tool you can implement TODAY. You get the convenience of texting wrapped in HIPAA compliance, so you never have to worry about fitting today’s complex requirements or risking sky-high fines. IM Your Doc keeps your patients, doctors, and staff communicating quickly and easily, so you’re able to deliver the very highest level of service, and continue to build your shining reputation.
Quick Look At Some of The Many Benefits
  • Rapid, coordinated communication between providers, staff and patients.
  • Works on everyone’s personal mobile device, securely.
  • Gives you the opportunity to reduce the cost of care through quicker response to critical patient issues in lieu of emergency department visits.
  • Physicians believe half their time is wasted on phone calls and emails. Now, IM Your Doc solves that problem by saving your team members’ time with rapid-fire texts.
  • 78% of physicians use text messaging to share information about patients in non-HIPAA compliant ways, leading to $50,000 per text message fine. IM Your Doc gives you worry-free HIPAA compliance – so you can breathe a sigh of relief.
  • IM Your Doc can integrate your EMR or EHR system for ease of tracking care.
Coordinate care for better results
You’ll get cutting-edge texting capabilities that give your physicians more time to spend seeing patients, and a system that coordinates rapid communication between your team members, which means no more wasted time looking for one another to communicate important information. With IM Your Doc, everyone on your team and in your network is in touch at the drop of a hat, so your workplace will function at the fast pace you love.