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High-Performance Messaging Software
You Don’t Have To Pay An Arm And A Leg to Streamline Workflow and Up Patient Satisfaction.
Physicians believe half their time is wasted on phone calls and emails that could be reclaimed with text messaging. Now, IM Your Doc can save that valuable time, and keep your physicians HIPAA compliant. IM Your Doc is THE messaging solution that keeps your patients, doctors, and staff one step ahead, giving your hospital better outcomes, and helping your workforce deliver a higher level of service.
Easy Coordinated Care
The group messaging feature of IM Your Doc, allows direct and rapid communication that improves the coordination of care for patients. With one message, everyone involved in the care of a patient gets the message and are instantly on the same page. Community and hospital providers can easily reach each other without wasting time playing phone tag. This way, your hospital can decrease cost and time-wasting inefficiencies in communication and your workforce gets more done, faster.
Easy Implementation
No complex software integration or large investments buying hardware that nobody knows how to use – this is an app that your providers and staff can start using TODAY on their own devices or hospital devices. Even better, IM Your Doc is HIPAA compliant, so in a healthcare world where at least 78% of physicians use text messaging to share information about patients in non-HIPAA compliant ways, you won’t have to worry about those astronomical, $50,000 per text fines
Reduce Readmissions
You’ll enjoy reduced readmissions by giving your ER and inpatient doctors faster communication with each patients’ community physician. $11 billion is lost each year throughout the healthcare industry because of burdensome and inefficient healthcare communication. Using IM Your Doc means you won’t risk being part of that costly statistic. Customize IM Your Doc for your institution. Learn how easy and affordable it is!