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Just Ask Your Doctor
Making Healthcare Experience Convenient, Easy, and Affordable.
Ever rush to the ER because you have an after hours concern, and no one to ask? Ever pay astronomical hospital bills from these unnecessary trips? Ever wait days or weeks to wait for your doctor to approve your prescription refill? Ever stress over side effects? We know. And we also believe it’s important for you to have contact with your OWN PROVIDERS when these concerns arise. That’s why we’ve created IM Your Doc, so you can get in touch with your personal healthcare provider, increasing your peace of mind, and reducing big bills from unnecessary ER visits.
  • Text with your doctor and other healthcare providers and get advice and guidance rapidly
  • Keep your Personal Health Information secure
  • Reduce your stress and increase your health and happiness
  • Cut costs and eliminate unnecessary ER trips
  • With timely communication with their OWN healthcare provider, 41% of ER and Urgent Care visits by chronically ill patients are avoidable.