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What If There Was an App…
That Made Your Life Ten Times Easier?
Well… now there is. IM Your Doc is a simple, text messaging app that enables instantaneous and HIPAA compliant communication between physicians, with your healthcare staff, and you even have the option to add patients.
Rapid, Direct Messaging That Is HIPAA Compliant
Here at IM Your Doc, we know what an absolute hardship it is to work through that huge pile of emails, phone messages, and voicemails every evening AFTER you’ve already served patients all day. You’re tired, overwhelmed, and scrolling through patient questions and concerns, nursing staff inquiries and prescription refill requests that could have easily been answered with a quick text taking 20 seconds rather than a phone call or email taking ten times longer!
IM Your Doc is a HIPAA compliant app that saves time by streamlining workflow communication in a compliant, secure method. Even better, this new software is free to download for you and your staff. It works flawlessly and securely on your personal mobile device, with no costly startup bills or long waits to install in your infrastructure.
IM Your Doc is the Answer That You’ve Been Waiting For:
  • IM Your Doc gives you convenient texting capabilities that give you the power to stay ahead of patient and staff requests throughout your day
  • Works right on your personal device – so no investing in expensive new gadgets
  • IM Your Doc is in compliance with all HIPAA requirements, and conveniently created to work alongside any clinic or hospital software system
  • You’ll have transcripts available for easy download into EMR or EHR.
  • Quick, easy adoption that keeps your job simple.
  • You get the opportunity to reduce the cost of care through quicker response to critical patient issues in lieu of emergency department visits.
  • IM Your Doc has minimal start-up costs and is free for physicians and staff to download.