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Fast, Coordinated Communication
For Staff and Other Providers
Phone calls and emails are time consuming and disruptive to workflow, and yet, we all know that healthcare providers across the US are inundated with questions and concerns through email and phone day in and day out. While these healthcare professionals struggle as they get pulled in every direction and address this barrage of messages - patients feel neglected, and feel like their concerns aren’t being addressed.
Nurses reported spending an average 60 minutes a day just tracking down doctors – usually to ask simple questions. Pharmacists often need a quick clarification, but spend hours on the phone trying to get what could be answered in just a 10 second text conversation.That’s where IM Your Doc comes to the rescue, providing the easiest, most convenient healthcare texting platform specially customized for nurses, techs, pharmacists, discharge teams, front desk and appointment assistants.
  • You’ll get rapid, coordinated communication between providers, staff and patients, saving time wasted tracking each other down to communicate important information.
  • This handy app saves you from risking a $50,000 per text fine from OCR for HIPAA violations.
  • You can use the image sharing to save time and provide the best information – a picture can say a thousand words.
  • Doctors and staff get time savings through streamlined communications that reduce the time spent searching for one another.
  • IM Your Doc has minimal start-up costs and is free for physicians and staff to download.
IM Your Doc is a free download for staff and other providers,so you and your colleagues can easily begin messaging today.