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No matter what facet of healthcare you come from,IM Your Doc is the secure messaging solution for you. Read below to see where you can join our growing network!
Hospital Solutions
Get low-cost, high value software that is easy to adopt, reduces readmissions and increases patient satisfaction. See how IM Your Doc can make a huge difference for your institution.
Healthcare Networks and Clinic Solutions
Get the affordable, easy-to-implement system that ups productivity, streamlines workflow, and makes your patients smile. See how coordinated care can improve in your clinics and networks.
Provider Solutions
Get the HIPAA compliant app that improves and speeds your communication with colleagues, staff and patients. See how this free download lightens your workload.
Staff and Other Provider Solutions
Get the secure messaging app that allows you to save time through direct messages. See how you can stop spending time tracking people down and playing phone tag with one easy click.
Patient Solutions
Get the easy-to-use app that puts you directly in touch with your personal doctor, lowers your medical bills, and improves your peace of mind.