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High-Performance Software that seamlessly works with your EMR/EHR
Health IT has become a hassle for patients and providers alike. Suddenly, in addition to running your fast-paced hospital or clinic, you have complex software to maintain and update on a regular basis.
That’s why here at IM Your Doc we’ve designed high-performance software that you can use today. This software doesn’t require ANY integration, and can seamlessly work alongside your EMR or EHR system. We give you automatic or manual options to choose from, so your data can be quickly and easily transferred to your EMR and EHR.
This means no more lengthy calls to your IT team, no more astronomical tech bills, and no more waiting around for months until the software integration is complete.
Designed by healthcare providers, for healthcare providers, IM Your Doc gives you a system that’s customized to meet your goals, and help your workplace excel.
IM Your Doc also offers convenient API integration, so you can create accounts, delete accounts, and add connections between users. You’ll also be able to download conversations and archive data saved with IM Your Doc. You can also simply download the high-performance software from our website, and sync conversations of physicians with patients for your hospital records. You get all this, in one easy-to-use system that you can start enjoying today.